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My goal is specific in creating financial awareness among youngsters and millennials since financial awareness and power of compounding are completely ignored in education curriculum around the globe. Investing is becoming increasingly difficult with the quantum transformation happening to a digital world where Technology is disrupting every business that one can think of. Sancompounding focuses on key areas of Digital disruptions and Innovations which will drive the future of investing and wealth creation.

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RETURNS OF 130% in 2020

against 43.6% returns of Nasdaq

I have created a series called San 20 for 2030 representing businesses with potential longevity for the entire next decade. This list created to emphasize the importance of Business longevity which forms the core of a successful investor. Often investors undermine the importance of longevity of the businesses globally and give all their efforts to find investments which are cheap from the prism of a value investor. But if we can invest in a business that can sustain next 10 years, compounding will really work and the returns usually will speak for itself. But at the same time I will be happy even if 70% of the companies in this list make it till 2030 considering the disruptions that world is going through.

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