Dominos (DPZ) is a US Michigan based Pizza chain that went public in 2004 has been a blockbuster hit in US Nasdaq in last 8 years based on the absolute and relative return basis. This was completely achieved under the stewardship of their strong management led by then CEO Patrick Doyle from 2010-2018. He was with the company since 1997 as an executive prior to taking over as CEO in 2010. All credits due to their management for making better Pizzas, upped the ante on customer servicing and embracing digital technology to the core.

Look at the Stock price movement of Dominos in the tenure between 2010 and 2018, Dominos has multiplied by a whopping 22 times in last 8 years and none of the celebrated Tech stocks are even near.


Source: Statista, Quartz

Dominos made Customer ordering at the fingertip opening up omni-channel digital platforms like Amazon echo, Apple watch or Facebook messengers. The management focused on digital platforms for improving the customer experiences which now attributes to 50% of their revenue and the company`s highest cost goes into the Technology platforms as well.

There is an interesting case study published in HBR review where the author has researched how Dominos turned around completely since Pat Doyle took over as CEO in 2010. The CEO appeared and accepted withering criticisms about their pizzas by customers, invested 50% workforce into technology platform self-reinforcing their core business which is Pizza delivery. Also some interesting facts the author brings out are like delivery cars modeled and colorful, with an oven to keep 80 Pizzas hot, their venture into drones based delivery and whatnot.

Below is the link to the HBR review and is a must read. The author Bill Taylor has published a book as well  Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways