If this isn’t bear market correction, then what is it?

Bears gripping global markets started with emerging market leaders China and India kicking it off in style in 2018. Strong corrections swept these 2 markets, then to Latam markets and now the wave is spreading to US markets. I have collated list of large cap leaders in their industries and markets and how much they have corrected in this draw-down. But point to be noted, China and India have started their recovery since last couple of months.

Stock Down from 52 week high Markets
Apple -48% US
FB -60% US
Amazon -26% US
Google -20% US
Nvidia -55% US
Alibaba -40% China
Tencent -45% China
Baidu -46% China
Square -48% US
Netflix -35% US
Mercado Libre -28% LATAM
Maruti -27% India
Bajaj Finance -33% India

Could this be the setting up of perfect platform for final frenzy leg of the current global bull market that can run for next 2-3 years? Can we say the stage is perfectly getting set for creating excesses all around again? Lets wait and watch.

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