San 20 for 2030 – Businesses to have for next decade

I have created a series called San 20 for 2030 representing businesses with potential longevity for the entire next decade. This list created to emphasize the importance of Business longevity which forms the core of a successful investor. Often investors undermine the importance of longevity of the businesses globally and give all their efforts to find investments which are cheap from the prism of a value investor. But if we can invest in a business that can sustain next 10 years, compounding will really work and the returns usually will speak for itself. But at the same time I will be happy even if 70% of the companies in this list make it till 2030 considering the disruptions that world is going through.

Now coming to the stocks or businesses for the next decade – Here are the 20 businesses I think might sustain till 2030 and might grow in a decent way. If these 2 conditions are met like longevity and growth, the only impending thing to worry for an investor is the entry point. Now this can act as a laundry list for an investor and enter into such great businesses when the market crashes or corrects.

But still from a tracking point, am putting the list below with corresponding Market caps as of Jan 2020.

San 20 for 2030 list Businesses Market Cap(as on Jan 2020)
San 20 for 2030 #1 Shopify $46 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #2 Alibaba $582 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #3 HDFC Bank $113 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #4 Mastercard $298 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #5 Sherwin Williams $52 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #6 Mercado Libre $30 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #7 Prosus $108.1 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #8 Bajaj Finance $36 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #9 Ferrari $31.4 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #10 Paypal $127.8 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #11 Pinduoduo $47.5 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #12 Tradedesk $12.2 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #13 AWS (Amazon) $400 Bn ($929 Bn)
San 20 for 2030 #14 Jumia Tech $248 Mn
San 20 for 2030 #15 Britannia Industries $10 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #16 Nvidia $163 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #17 Five9 $4.5 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #18 Titan Company $14 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #19 Tesla $137 Bn
San 20 for 2030 #20 Veeva Systems $21 Bn
San 20 for 2030 list

I have created Video reports to explain high level analysis for each of these businesses and below are the links for video report for each businesses:

  1. Shopify:
  2. Alibaba:
  3. HDFC Bank:
  4. Mercado Libre:
  5. Sherwin Williams:
  6. Mastercard:
  7. Prosus:
  8. Bajaj Finance:
  9. Ferrari:
  10. Paypal:
  11. Pinduoduo:
  12. Tradedesk:
  13. AWS:
  14. Jumia Tech:
  15. Britannia Industries:
  16. Nvidia
  17. Five9
  18. Titan
  19. Tesla
  20. Veeva Systems:

Disclaimer: Please note that the companies or stocks discussed in this website are purely for analysis purposes only and none of these are recommendations by any means. Sandeep Anand as the author of might or might not hold positions in these stocks and any holding positions might bias my views expressed. Neither Sancompounding site or its owners shall be liable for any damages directly or indirectly to financial damages, gain or loss of capital that may occur as a result of use of the information or analysis Please do your diligence and consulting with your personal Financial advisors before taking any investment decisions.

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